Oh, is that you ????


Welcome to the AFMBMW website…


AFMBMW  (  French  friendly society of BMW motorbikes ) was created in 1985. It is not a traditional association but a Friendly Society, with a capital F,  for our members are united by  Friendship.

We have one thing in common : our passion for BMW motorbikes. The ones made before the war, the ones that haven’t been made yet, the small ones, the big ones, the ones with one,  two,  three or four cylinders… Our Society is open to all the lovers of the Teutonic output of motorized engines with two or even three wheels.


By now, we are 398 members,  including 146 passengers, all active members,  with no distinction of age,  sex,  place of living,  type of motorbike, or number of kilometres made a year.


During our gatherings  ( 12 to 15 a year ) , organized by the various local branches, the pleasure of meeting  friends from Brittany, Alsace, Gascony, or Belgium, in a  new part of France or even Europe is the main interest of our trip. The branch  which organizes of the gathering provides for  accommodation, meals, but also makes us discover the geographic or cultural curiosities of the area. As for the guests, they are requested to come along with their good mood !


Our newspaper the “Trait d’Union” ( literally  the hyphen ) or “ TU ” comes out every month. It provides us with information about the life of our association, and what other members may live.


Although  we wish to open to others, we are careful  about  new members. Most of all, we want them to be on the same wavelength as us ...

So, if  you are interested, we will offer you to take part to at least one gathering before you actually decide to join us.


Then, after paying your annual subscription ( 32 euros in 2008 )  you will receive our newspaper every month, and you will be able to take part in the life of  our association.


We wish you a nice visit of this website, and, if you’ll let us, give you some advice : when you’re ready, leave virtual trips behind you and come and join us on the road !


May you not come a cropper, be and ride reasonably passionate. We wish you long, safe, and happy  ,,,,???? years riding your motorbike….